Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Rhyming Fun

Some of the kindergarten students that I have just started working with need help with blending sounds together.  

This rhyming game requires them to match the words that rhyme with the sound on their mat.

For more information about this phonics game, click Here

Here, a student has to decide which word rhymes with the sound on the mat.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Learning Games from Household Items

Rhyming Golf Course

 Today we will create a tabletop golf course using a chopstick as a golf club.  We will also make a learning center from an empty Pringles container.  Visit throughout the week for more ideas.

Needed Materials

1 chopstick
1 piece of grey cardstock paper
1 sheet of blue paper
1 sheet of green paper
1 sheet of red paper
1 sheet of black paper
1 bamboo skewer or 1 toothpick with the sharp points cut off
1 foam cup
Wooden discs (Or small round foam pieces)
1 foam cup
Glue Stick

Standard 8 1/2" x 11" paper was used for this project. 
1.  Begin by wrapping one chopstick with black paper.  Glue and or tape it to fasten.
2.  Cut the grey paper into a wide letter "c" to make the end of the golf club and attach to the chopstick.
3.  Cut two circular pieces from the blue paper.  This will be the water for your golf course.

4.  Cut a foam cup to make it shorter and cover the top of the cup with red paper.  Then cut a "c" shaped hole on the side of the cup.
5.  Break the bamboo skewer in half and cut off the sharp edges for your flag.  Make a flag from red paper.  Glue the flag onto the stick.
6.  Write whatever you would like on the wooden or foam discs and flag. 

To Play:
 Slide the disc that matches what is written on the flag into the foam cup using the golf club. 

Empty Pringles Container

The second literacy center is made from an empty Pringles container that has been covered with printed paper.  Words were written onto clothespins for sorting.

Adapt these centers by sorting for fact and opinion, cause and effect, factors, types of angles, author's purpose, etc.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Beads for Making Patterns or as a Boredom Buster

This is my (I mean my kids') new favorite toy.  Okay, I have a confession to make.  Sometimes I buy toys because they look like so much fun!  Look at those bright colors.  Who could resist?

After deciding that I had to buy this toy from Target, I next needed to rationalize this purchase.  (I could use this for school.  Yeah.  That's a good excuse).  

They are really great for making patterns.  The goal was to secretly open the package when no one was looking and then sneak it to school as a math pattern practice center.

What was I thinking?  That was not going to happen.  My kids absolutely LOVE the beads, and each day they play with them.  

Maybe next time huh?

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Math Vocabulary Words

Throughout the year, I work with students at different ability levels and at different grade levels.  In a few days, I will get a new group of kindergarten kiddos so I have been really getting prepared for them lately.

Knowing the word form of numbers is often tricky for five-year-old children so this station should be a big help.

These are numbers that can be picked up at most teacher stores or office supply stores.  To play, the student must place the number in the correct location on the chart.

Adventures of an Educator, Wife, and Full-Time Mom

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my adventures as an educator, wife, and full-time mom.  Thank you for visiting my blog.  My posts will highlight fun ideas and activities for teaching your students if you are a teacher, kids if you are a parent, or both! 

The posts will also share different strategies for getting everything done while still keeping your sanity!  It will be fun.

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